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Brief Introduction
Approved by and registered with the Chinese government authorities concerned, the China Association of the International Engineering Consultants (hereinafter referred to as CAIEC) was officially established on February 9,1993, and the present 4th Executive Committee was elected by the 4th CAIEC General Assembly on February 18,2003.
CAIEC is a national professional organization of the Chinese engineering consulting enterprises and Consulting engineers engaged in international engineering consultancy, and operates as an independent an legal entity under the leadership and administration of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China.
The objectives in forming CAIEC are to provide the following services in line with the principles and policies governing China's foreign economic cooperation:
-To assist the relevant government departments in coordinating and administering the professional activities of its members;
-To energetically promote its member's operations of international engineering consultancy;
-To provide its members with information of interest regarding international engineering consulting and business opportunities as well as to offer them personnel training services;
-To uphold the legitimate rights and interests of the members as well as the state interest;
-To establish friendly relations with its counterparts in other countries as well as with international professional organizations, so as to contribute to the development of China's international economic and technological cooperation.
To date CAIEC has 303 full members, including 285 large and medium-sized class-A design institutes and 18 corporations engaged in international economic and technological cooperation. These institutes and corporations, with commanding technical forces and rich engineering consulting experience and design expertise, have undertaken and executed numerous large and medium scale economic construction projects in such fields as road, railway, urban rail transit system, civil aviation, hydropower, nuclear power and nuclear industry, thermal power, coal, petroleum and natural gas, petrochemicals, chemical industry, pharmacy, building materials, machinery, electronics, light industry, textile, chemical fiber, iron and steel, non-ferrous metallurgy, agriculture, forestry, information and telecommunications, broadcasting, film and television, hydrological geology, engineering geology, engineering survey, earth and rock engineering, water conservancy engineering, port and river engineering, environment engineering, municipal infrastructure engineering, architecture, urban planning as well as field survey, design and consulting services for China-aided projects abroad. They are all independent economic entities and corporate bodies, and well qualified to contract individually or jointly, to build engineering projects of various types mentioned above both inside the country and abroad.
All the members of CAIEC in providing services will strictly adhere to the prevailing international professional principles and practice, honoring contract obligation in good faith and ensuring quality and quantity as scheduled.
CAIEC renders its services and cooperation mainly in the following ways:
-To provide its clients, domestic and foreign, with information of world market developments in respect of international engineering consulting, survey, design and supervision;
-To establish working relationship with its counterparts in other countries and relevant international organizations, so as to promote the development of Chinese international engineering consultancy;
-To organize training courses at the request of its members, such as workshops, seminars and symposiums inside or outside China to help train their professional and managerial staff;
-To arrange for members to summarize and exchange experiences among themselves, to reflect their comments and requests to the government departments concerned, and to work actively to help address and sort out the problems;
-To provide engineering consulting, survey, design and supervision services, and to offer such other forms of economic and technological cooperation as may be requested by its clients, domestic and foreign.
CAIEC heartily looks forward to establishing linkages with its counterparts in other countries as well as with relevant international organizations, colleagues and friends from various circles, so as to enhance mutual understanding, expand cooperation, and achieve common development.



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